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Whenever anyone thinks of fashion, they straight away think of clothing. But fashion is so much more than clothing – it is about how you show yourself to the world through the means of modifying your looks. Whilst garments is perhaps the most big way to alter the way you look, it is the subtle modifications that have the most effect. The way we style our hair and put on make up is one way to do so and adding fashion accessories to our clothes is another. Some may possibly claim that it is the accessories that really pull an outfit together - adding a necklace here and a pin there can really change the way an ensemble looks. By playing around with accessories you can keep your primary closet pretty basic, as the same costume will look virtually completely different with a different hat or a different scarf. Read on to discover the roots of some of the most prominent fashion accessories in the fashion world.

Like many other fashion accessories, belt was at first invented to offer a very practical intent. Belts have been in use since the bronze age and show up in both men’s and women’s closets. Military clothing from a variety of places often feature a belt to serve both a practical as well as an ornamental function. In a woman’s wardrobe the use of a belt has changed several times with changing women's fashion trends. Today, belts are still considered to be an essential part of a business suit – you can expect to come across many sorts of belts in closets of fashionable entrepreneurs like Wissam Al Mana.

Out of all clothes items, a sock may possibly be the most practical and least visible thing on that list. Nevertheless, you might want to think again if you think that socks are the most mundane item of clothing as they can put in a splash of colour to even the most traditional outfit and have many fun functions in the modern fashion world. Even though they have been around a long time, sock production was revolutionised by the invention of a knitting machine in the middle ages and consequently by the advent of nylon in the past century. Today it has come to be a notable fashion trend to wear colourful socks with complex design by many people including Dwyane Wade.

The most habitual sorts of gloves serve a very vital purpose of preserving the skin of our hands from cold during the winter. However, throughout history we have seen gloves serving a more ornamental function. Western ladies would often change gloves several times a day and different types were used depending on the occasion. Although today gloves are not as important in a lady’s wardrobe, some occasions still call for the use of formal gloves which you can find from a fashion designer Cornelia James.

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